Pilgrimage FAQs

Where do I get a Map?

Just Click Here


Who do I contact for more information?

Email Us @ 

Phone us @ 903-452-3836


How much time should I allow to tour each home?

Usually you will be in each home about 30 minutes. Then, you should allow 15 minutes to exit a home and get to the next home.



Do I have to tour all the homes on one day?

No. Many overnight visitors visit 1 or 2 homes on Friday then the other homes on Saturday.

Where can I purchase discounted tickets?


Will there be a meal available for purchase?

Yes, at The Excelsior House Hotel Luncheon Buffet. Purchase tickets online here. Tickets may be available for purchase, May 4 and 5, 2018 at the Excelsior House Hotel. Limited availability so purchase online now or call 903/665-2513.

How do I get information on lodging?

Contact the Marion County Chamber of Commerce at:
www.jefferson-texas.com, or call (903) 665-2672



Where are public restrooms located?

Public restrooms are located at 102 S. Polk Street

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